About Us

Human centric and
data driven health care

We want to make health care better by reimagining the consultation and anamnesis. Less time spent on admin means more time for patient care. More complete (and structured) data capture leads to better patient outcomes.

The LUMC building
Our Story

Co-created with the physician

Autoscriber is an independent organization that has its roots at CAIRElab, a research department within Leiden University Medical Center.

The first version of the product was created within the Internal Medicine department on the initiative of Martijn Bauer.

Our Values

The core values that shape our culture


We value transparency towards our clients and team members.


We have adopted Holacracy as our operating system - with freedom comes responsibility.


As we work with the most sensitive and private data, trust and diligence are paramount.

Customer centricity

We do not only serve our end users (doctors), but also regard patients, EHR providers and other stakeholders as central to our decisions.