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Automate your medical note taking

Never type notes manually into your electronic health record again. While you can stay focused on the patient, our AI engine turns the conversation into a structured summary that includes SNOMED-CT and ICD-10 codes

A picture of a health care professional using the Autoscriber software

Why medical practitioners use Autoscriber

Time saving


Our software helps doctors and other medical practitioners minimise admin time, and reduces follow up calls and visits by patients.

Data quality


We automatically extract discrete medical data from the conversation for better registration at the source.

Secure & GDPR Compliant


We work according to ISO27001 and NEN7510 guidelines and adhere to cloud security best practices.

Better patient outcomes


More time for the patient, a more holistic view of patient & better data for research.

Improved job satisfaction


Health care worker burnout is very often related to administrative burden, we take that burden away.


Why work with Autoscriber

We work according to ISO27001 and NEN7510 guidelines and adhere to cloud security best practices. Our applications are regularly penetration tested.
We deliver top of the market AI performance and make use of the latest break-throughs in the field of Natural Language Processing such as large language models and Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT).

Secure & GDPR compliant
Works in real-time
Co-created together with the physician
Our Mission

Human centric and data driven health care

We want to make health care better by reimagining the consultation and anamnesis. Less time spent on admin means more time for patient care. More complete (and structured) data capture leads to better patient outcomes.

About Autoscriber
Our Customers

What our partners and the media say

Leiden University Medical Centre is a research partner of Autoscriber

“The technology offers a lot of advantages such as better contact with the patient and new analysis capabilities because more structured data is captured during the anamnesis.”

Martijn bauer
Internist, LUMC

Winner of the Gerard & Anton awards

“Autoscriber has been on our radar all year. The startup was the Runner-up in the finals of the EU start-up competition in Barcelona earlier this year. Not bad considering there were 1,500 selected startups participating. There is now a waiting list of hospitals that also want to work with Autoscriber, both domestically and abroad.”


An indispensable tool for the doctor

"After discovering Autoscriber, I don’t want to be without it anymore. The experience of no longer having to type all the time fulfils me in my work. Thanks to the joint development of technology and care, I now have more time and attention for patients. Direct support in the consultation room through smart technology is the future."

Petra Kok
CMIO of Reinier De Graaf Gasthuis

LUMO Labs and BOM back Dutch-based Autoscriber

“Eindhoven-based Autoscriber, an AI-based voice recognition software that captures and summarises consultations between healthcare professionals and patients, announced that it has closed a Seed round at €1.2M.”

Silicon canals

Nominated for startup of the year

“Thanks to this new application of artificial intelligence in healthcare doctors can focus better on the patient. On top of that they spend less time on administration, saving both time and money.”