Intro to Autoscriber

Autoscriber is a web application that enables you to record conversations with your patient. Our AI engine takes the medical notes for you in real-time, while you can focus on the patient.

Web app

Autoscriber is an application that you can access from the browser (we currently support Chrome and Edge). You log in with two factor authentication.


Before starting the recording the patient has to give his or her explicit spoken consent. Once consent has been given you start the recording directly from our application.

AI engine

Our AI engine transcribes the conversation and automatically creates a structured medical summary which you can then copy to your EHR.

EHR integration

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


We work according to cloud and data security best practices to keep your data secure. We make use of data centers in west Europe and data is always end-to-end encrypted.

Our privacy policy can be found here.

Terms Of Use

We recommend that you consult our Terms Of Use before entering or consulting any actions on Autoscriber.

Data Processing Addendum

We recommend you consult our Data Processing Addendum to understand how we process your Personal Data.